Season Tickets

I've been looking forward to last Thursday for quite a while...well not last Thursday specifically but the day that I receive my update on my standing in the Green Bay Packers Season Ticket Waiting List...

Last year I was number 69,193 which was a little less than the entire capacity of Lambeau Field [72,928] meaning I would have to wait for the entire stadium to change over before it would be my turn to buy exhibition game tickets I don't want...

So, like I said, this year's postcard arrived Thursday and I was excited because it would be my 2nd update so I would finally be able to estimate how long this whole project is going to take.

Last year's position: 69,193
This year position: 68,158

So over the year I moved up 1,035 places. At this rate it is going to take about 66 years to get season tickets...given the fact that I am 29 right now that puts me at 95 years old when I will get that fateful letter telling me the good news.

But if we have a few more 6-10 seasons I may get my tickets before I'm an octogenarian.


Motherscratcher said…
I guess that there are some things not effected by the recession. Seems like Packers fans would rather sell a kidney than give up their seats.

Oh by the way, is that a new falcon banner? It's pretty falcon sweet. I like that falcon thing. Nice falcon goin'.