Nice Little Repackage

I got a Target gift certificate from my work the other day for putting in a bunch of overtime over the past couple of weeks and so I picked up one of those $3.99 repackages that they have at Target...

Three Topps All-Star cards when these were the best insert cards possibly ever to that point...

The Terry Francona of the 80's:

Someday I'm going to get my Top 20 cards of all-time together and this Gorman Thomas will definitely be one of them. This set was the first one I ever collected and along with the Twins the Brewers were my team. Mr. Thomas is also rockin' the 'stache and staring off into the distance at where he will crush the first pitch from Doyle Alexander.
Another great horseshoe mustache:

And last but not least, two pre-juiced Palmeiros.