Just Because You Hate It

I do sort of take a sick joy in posting cards that no one cares about or even remotely likes...especially Upper Deck X...If I was to delve deep into my sick baseball psyche I think I collected that maybe just so Upper Deck would make a 2009 version. Sorry guys, blame me I guess.

The 2009 Spectrum set can't be blamed on me though because I never got into that set. Not because the design was this or that but because the card per $ ratio was WAY too much...paying between $1.25-$2.00 a card is a bit too rich for my blood when I, honest to God, pulled two Grady Sizemores in the same Spectrum pack once.

Here are four Xponentials that have recently been added to the collection...the top two are from A Cardboard Problem as part of a trade to complete her entire Xponential set.


dayf said…
No, we like these cards, it the dumb base and die cuts we can't stand. I was actually considering building a set of these cards until I saw the checklist ad got skeered off.
Anonymous said…
Agreed with Dayf. The Xponentials ooze class and call to mind the greatness of UD3 from back in the day. Ooh, UD3... there's something to campaign for the return of. Kind of the Spectrum of it's day as far as the price per card goes. It didn't suck though.