Has Anyone Seen Watchmen?

Has anyone seen Watchmen yet this weekend? I probably won't get a chance until next weekend and wondered what your thoughts were on it?

Faithful adaptation?
Did the plot changes ruin things?


Anonymous said…
I want to see it, but I doubt I'll get there this weekend either.
Russ said…
I think it's a faithful adaptation of the graphic novel. It's incredibly violent and graphic. A very hard R rating. I don't think the plot changes make that much of a difference. Everything is accomplished that needs to be accomplished. Jackie Earl Haley does an incredible job. The weak link is Malin Ackerman, but she does a serviceable job and I don't know who else would play Silk Spectre II. I really enjoyed it. If you haven't read the graphic novel and don't get the whole concept of it being a deconstruction of the superhero stereotype, I don't know if you'll get it. The graphic novel is of course better, but I don't think anything could be as good as the graphic novel, but I think this does come close.
Gellman said…
Saw it today, wow. It was really great for me, because I loved the comics, however if you didnt have that prior knowledge, it could be tough to get the full story from the movie. I thought the visuals were unbelievable, and Malin Ackerman was maybe the hottest thing I have ever witnessed on screen. Good movie all over.
Matt F. said…
I was a Marvel fan as a kid so I never got around to reading it until a few months ago and so I've been eagerly waiting the movie. I've seen some mixed reviews but it seems like everyone who enjoys the book enjoyed the movie.

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