Finally Found '09 Heritage

If there is one thing I could change about moving to Lawrence last summer it would be to have a card shop within a 30 mile radius. Because of this I'm stuck with waiting for Tar-Mart to get their supply of Heritage and it has been driving me crazy.

Today was my lucky day though as they had this:

14 cards at $5.00...not sure what the card to dollar value is on the hobby packs but I think the larger packs are an improvement over last year's retail packs.

#425 Chad Billingsley

My first of three Dodgers in this pack...

#187 Bronson Arroyo

#242 Cardinals Team

"Okay gentlemen, cover your crotches..."

#55 Nate McLouth

#255 Blake DeWitt

Dodger #2#392 Chad Cordero

Smile Chad.

#106 David Eckstein

#283 Jeff Clement

#344 Rafael Furcal

Dodger 3/3.

#261 Scott Kazmir

#389 Jayson Swipes Bases

TN #4 Luis Aparicio/Willy Taveras

#72 Tigers Team

WME-GS Grady Sizemore


night owl said…
3 Dodgers. Cool.

I think I'm going to have to cave and overpay at the hobby shop, because I'm still looking for retail Heritage.