Adding To The Collections

This is a bit of Spring cleaning is one big post that highlights the latest editions to my various card collecting interests...thanks for everyone who has recently sent me cards!

Political Cards Part 1:

These are from Eric S. a.k.a. Andy Pettitte's biggest fan...

Jamie Moyer:

This season Jamie will pass 250 wins and hopefully assure himself a spot in the Hall of Fame.

These cards are from gcrl, Pursuit of the 80's(ness), and Eric S.


He ended up not pitching in the World Baseball Classic but he did hit in the winning run so I guess I'll settle for that! 8-)

Again, these cards are from a variety of sources including gcrl, Pursuit of the 80's(ness), and Eric S.

1994 Topps Finest:

These are from Pettitte Pursuit and bring my total cards from this set to eight!

Horseshoe Mustaches:

These are from gcrl and feature the late Rod Beck who was the last great owner of a horseshoe mustache...we are still waiting for someone to pick up the horseshoe gauntlet... Tommy John:

I am embarrassed to say that I have completely forgotten who sent me these two Tommy Johns...Night Owl...gcrl...I'm looking in your direction...


This one is from Amarillo Jeff of "Oh my God, you sent the greatest card ever" fame. Besides being an X-Fractor, this card is a two-for-one as we have Big Papi waiting on deck...

Diamond Kings:

This one is from eBay...all I ask from Panini is that they produce at least one set a year that has Diamond Kings in it!
Political Cards Part 2:

These are from gcrl and although I'm not trying to get a set together of these having the 1st Ladies on the cards is a nice edition.