1st Through the Mail Stopped Midstream

I think this is my first and only Kansas City Athletics card and it was sort of a surprise when I received it...I was buying a Don Larsen 1961 Topps card and was expecting to see Larsen in his pin-striped Yankee uniform...I of course knew him from his perfect game in the World Series but beyond that I didn't know much about him. I had assumed that he pitched for the Yanks his entire career and had no idea he was once a pre-Royals Kansas City Athletic for a season.

I have been itching to try my hand at a Through the Mail autograph and I thought this would be a nice one to try to get. I can't imagine Don gets a lot of Kansas City Athletics stuff to sign so I started doing some digging and getting a letter together when I found that Mr. Larsen charges for autographs and will send a price list back if you send things to him to sign. The price list doesn't include the cost of having a card signed and the closest I could get is 8 x 10 glossy of a photo of five cards for $10.00. I'd probably pay $10 to have him sign the card but $10 for a photo? No thanks.


zman40 said…
--David said…
Maybe it's me, but a price list!? That just strikes me as all kinds of wrong.
MMayes said…
Some guys do this. Some current notes on www dot sportscollectors dot net say he charges $7 for a card.

At least if the guy charges, you know you stand a pretty good shot of getting the card back.

Good luck.