Whatever Happened to Freddy Garcia?

Trying to write a post about Freddy Garcia reminds me of this girl who asked me to be friends on Facebook last week. Her name is Jaimie and the honest truth is that although she went to my high school and graduated with me, I have no idea who she is. Couldn't pick her out of a line up. Which brings me to Freddy...he played for one of my favorite teams and was apparently
even an All-Star now and again but there is just something about him...I don't remember him pitching for the Mariners or any interesting bit of information at all....This is mainly to me zoning about about baseball in the early 00's but still, I think I should remember something about him...after looking him up I even learned he won a World Series game while pitching for the White Sox in 2006 and he is now with the Mets pitching in the minors. Jaime turned out to be a nurse who lives in Arizona...

Some Freddy Garcia:

These cards are courtesy of GCRL.


deal said…
He had a couple of 20 W seasons I think. The Phils traded away a couple of good prospects for him and Garcia came over and won a grand total of one game for them. one stinkin game.
MMayes said…
He's had arm problems and came back at the end of last year with the Tigers and seemed to pitch well. He's probably got something left, but a lot of teams were unwilling to put guaranteed money on someone with a tender arm joint.

He was the key rookie when the Mariners traded Randy Johnson to the Astros. If you counted it a given that Unit was leaving Seattle, they did pretty good.