February 15, 2009

What Do We Want? MORE MAYO! When Do We Want It? NOW!

I bought the last remaining packs at Target on Saturday and was even able to check out without getting a disapproving look from the cashier for being a person over the age of 15 buying trading cards.

Not too bad...three of the legends and a HMS Beagle ship mini...I've got a video of the blaster I ripped this weekend that will be ready soon...


Mayo Legend Edward VIII Mayo Legend Rockwell

Mayo Legend Susan B. Anthony


Mayo Cornerback BaileyMayo Defensive End Abraham

Mayo Defensive End Peppers Mayo Defensive End Suggs


Mayo Mini HMS Beagle Mayo Mini Kelly Mayo Mini Olsen

Mayo Mini Witten Mayo Mini Wright


Mayo Quarterback Henne Mayo Quarterback O'Connell

Mayo Quarterback Smith

Running Backs

Mayo Running Back Forte Mayo Running Back Foster

Mayo Running Back Graham Mayo Running Back Jones

Mayo Running Back Rudi Johnson Mayo Running Back Taylor

Mayo Running Back White

Super Bowl

Mayo Super Bowl 39 Mayo Super Bowl 41

Tight End

Mayo Tight End Crumpler Mayo Tight End Davis

Mayo Tight End Heap Mayo Tight End Witten

Wide Receivers

Mayo Wide Receiver Caldwell Mayo Wide Receiver Colston

Mayo Wide Receiver Gaffney Mayo Wide Receiver Toomer

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