Super Bowl Pick Time

I'm officially going on record as hoping the Cardinals win the Super Bowl. I think it's funny that about a year ago I was hoping another nearly retired grey-haired quarterback would get a chance to play in the Super Bowl and win...but now that there is one in the Super Bowl the feeling isn't as great as I thought it would be. Nevertheless, I hope Jesus continues to be on Kurt's side and against the Steelers.

And lastly, here are the remaining folks in my 1st Annual Heartbreaking Football Contest. All picked the Steelers to win and so if the Black & Gold win the person closest to the total number of offensive yards for the Steelers will be the Big Wiener and win these:

Cardboard Addiction [351]
Fan of Reds [327]
Burnsee2 [418]
Chuck's Used Cards [401]
DaveH [375]
AdamE [343]