Show & Tell: Thoughts & Sox Package

I'm so far behind on my mail updates that it is getting ridiculous...I've got packages backed up from Night Owl, Stats on the Back, two from Saints of the Cheap Seats, Eric S., gcrl, Pursuit of the 80's and a mystery envelope I haven't touched yet. Here are the highlights from a box of cards that Thoughts & Sox sent me a couple of weeks ago.

These two 3-D Ichiros are destined to become an post on the Things Done To Cards blog shortly...

There's my boy...I think I am going to try to get all the Ken Griffey, Jr. as a Mariner 2.0 cards...who knows how long it will last but I am jumping headfirst into the deep end.

I hadn't realized that Gil Meche started out as a Mariner before moving to Kansas City and becoming the anchor of the pitching staff.

Four Ichiros...three of them with him sharing the spotlight with two other players...

I think it's interesting that they use the same Ichiro photo over these two cards but they use different Vlad Guerrero shots.

Some great Packer action...

Jan Stenerud only played four seasons with the Packers but he is one of my favorite all-time Packers. Like myself, he's a Norwegian and unlike me, he was one of the first soccer-style placekickers. Plus, when he was playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, he alone scored more points in Super Bowl IV [9] than the entire Minnestoa Vikings team [7].

Andre only played for the Packers for part of the 1996 season but he made it count by winning a Super Bowl with the Green & Gold and scoring the first points of the game on a long pass from You Know Who.

Teague was a 1st round draft pick by the Packers in 1993 and if you have any question as to why watch this from that year's Sugar Bowl:


Captain Canuck said…
George Teague was the best. A Cowboy Hall Of Famer for Life!
Defend the Star George, defend the STAR!!!