The Results Show: 1st Annual Heartbreaking Cards Contest

The Steelers pulled it out in the end and so we will actually have a winner of the 1st Annual Heartbreaking Football Contest.

Here were the finalists [who all picked the Steelers] and the total number of offensive yards they predicted Ben & Company would produce:

Fan of Reds -- 327 yards
AdamE -- 343 yards
Cardboard Addiction -- 351 yards
DaveH -- 375 yards
Chuck's Used Cards -- 401 yards
Burnsee2 -- 418 yards

Well the official total from's official box score was:

292 yards

So the winner is Fan of Reds! He was off by only 35 yards. Congratulations Chris!

In case you forgot what you won, here are the cards plus I'll be including some football wax.