Rating the Rated Rookies #1: Derek Bell

Player: Derek Bell
Series: 1991
Number: #32

This is the first in a series which I hope will cover every Donruss Rated Rookie. We will take a look at each player selected to this unique distinctions and see if they had a career that deserved the moniker of Rated Rookie.

First up, Derek Bell. Derek had a 10 year career playing for the Blue Jays, Padres, Astros, Mets, and Pirates. He had a .276 career batting average with 1262 hits, 134 home runs, and 668 RBIs. Okay stats, but not up to the Rated Rookie standard that we will determine through this series.

Plus, I think off the field antics should play a part in determining if the player deserved the RR label. Derek's also been arrested twice on drug charges [once in 2006 for cocaine possession and again last December of possession of drug paraphernalia].


Should've Been A Rated Rookie?



emm3tt said…
The guy may have been an idiot, but I think he makes Rated Rookie status. He had 3 or 4 really good years with SD and Houston.
SpastikMooss said…
I'm interested to see who does make rated status/what the bar is. But I tend to agree with Emmett...though Bell wasn't a star he certainly wasn't some middling prospect...without more data I'm definitely feeling some rated-ness for D Bell.
steveisjewish said…
wow - an article about Derek Bell and nothing about "Operation Shutdown?" - go to deadspin.com and look at the baseball archives - amazing... Also - I dont have the link anymore - but im sure if you google you can find this - i was checking out your tunes there and see that you have a lot of indie rock and that MIA song - there is a sweet mash up of no suprises by radiohead and paper plans by mia that you would probably enjoy..take care - let me know what you think!
Just discovered this blog! Great stuff. Some of those Rated Rookies were HORRIBLE!

I'll check back often.