Power Hits & Power Women

'm sure I'm not the only card blogger who received an email notifying me of the creation of the unfortunately named blog Stitches & Bitches last week...not exactly my cup of tea but if you like it...well...that's just great for you.

But let me give you a little alternative to S&B...how about Power Hits & Power Women...a hit with a little bit of MOJO [everybody eye roll] and some of the most powerful women in the world.

This first autograph is from a break I took part in over at Sports Cards Uncensored...Anthony Gose was drafted in the 2nd round by the Phillies.

And this is Anne Lauvergeon and she is the CEO of Areva, a French company that basically stops the world's nuclear reactors from blowing up. So if you were worried that the world was going to blow like in The Watchmen [you with me dayf?] Anne is standing in the way. She was selected as the 9th most powerful woman in the world by Fortune magazine last year.