My Topps 2009 Story

I think that the next Blog Bat Around topic should be about the feelings we have about the new card sets and the lengths we will take to get them.  I still haven't seen the 2009 Upper Deck cards anywhere but this weekend I was able to open my share of 2009 Topps.  I enjoy that this set is very photo-centric but I have to say I prefer the previous two sets' design.  In the end, I might not end up collecting the base set but I will definitely be getting my mitts on the Legends of the Game insert set.  It is yet another example of an outstanding looking insert set in a hoo-hum base set.  

LG22 Thurmon Munson

LG14 Johnny Mize

LG7 Babe Ruth


Ben said…
I really like the base set, but you're right, the Legends of the Game inserts are beautiful. I especially like the Wal Mart inserts with their black borders.
Canucklehead said…
I agree, I was thinking the exact same thing...collect at least the Legends of the game inserts!
night owl said…
I take this design over just about every other one since the 1990s ended.