I've Been Meaning To Say...

First off, let me make an addendum to my post about the upcoming O-Pee-Chee set...I gave credit to the Beckett Blog for having a "scoop" and when I wrote that particular line I thought I might get some grief for attracting attention to a Beckett Blog post...when I saw the original article that I sited I didn't really dig any deeper and I probably should have. Turns out Hand Collated and Wax Heaven were on the case earlier and without the Beckett corporate stank.

I also didn't really make clear that the '71 cards would be one per pack rather than the focus of the set's design...

On to the next issue...Rating Rated Rookies. I've gotten a surprising amount of feedback about my assertion that Derek Bell did not deserve his Rated Rookie status. In retrospect, I guess I should have started this series with a better example of a player who was a Rated Rookie who's career went nowhere. It would have set a better baseline and we could have worked up from there. I'm going to stand by my ranking for now and but I will say that Bell's stats are pretty close to what I think will be the crossover point of deserving/undeserving of the Rated Rookie title.

And lastly, I've received a bunch of trade requests lately and I hope to get back to everyone by tomorrow.


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