I Finally Have Good Reasons To Add People To My Enemies List

This weekend has been just great for a couple of reasons...I found some packs of American Heritage [that I'll write about shortly] and the set will be hard to beat this year as my favorite. And it's only February 1st.

Another reason this weekend is great is that I've finally been given incontrovertible proof that I can officially add both Michael Phelps and Rafael Nadal to the list Enemies of Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius.

The Phelps one is easy...just read this article and look at this photo:

Freaking idiot!

In the Nadal case...read this article and look at this photo:

He made Roger Federer cry! How could you!?! You scoundrel! You scallywag!

Plus, there is also the fact that every time I see a photo of Rafael he is wearing a shirt with no sleeves and sweating more than any person in history. The sweating I can understand but the sleeves are a crime against humanity that cannot be forgiven: