Heartbreaking Packs: Three Pack Of Obama Packs

I think I am going to try to piece this set together whenever my other collecting urges have been satisfied...and here are the first three packs of the endeavor. I don't think I will be able to comment on each card. I mean how many cards with Obama's face on it can you find an original thing to say about?

Pack 1:

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs gets a card...I hope he collects cards in the 3.5 seconds of free time he will have each week.
Joe Biden...one of the top five luckiest guys ever.

I didn't realize that some of the cards in this set are stamped "Inauguration 2009." In the three packs I only pulled one stamped card.

I wonder why they photo shopped the Whitesox logo out...is it so they wouldn't have to count this series as a baseball set?

Pack 2:

For me, the kids' expressions are just priceless...and what was with Michelle's hair? This was over two years ago though...

This is the Andy Pafko card of the set:

Have there ever been so many back of people's heads in a single card?

There I am, 75 from the left 29th row...

Pack 3:

Yes, got the Oprah card!

As a resident of Kansas, I always like to remind people that Barack is 1/2 African-American and 1/2 Kansan-American.

I think this is one of the Chrome stickers...it doesn't really say so on the card...