Heartbreaking Packs: Spread The Mayo Nice & Thick

Kool Aid

I've sucked down the Topps Kool-Aid and I'm jumping head first into Mayo.  These cards are from the first retail packs I purchased and I've since picked up a couple of blasters but have had no luck getting any relics or anything above some numbered short prints.  I've divided these packs up by position and it gives you a pretty good idea of what the set thinks of defensive players as I only pulled four base defensive players.


Mayo Mini Brooks Mayo Mini AddaiMayo Mini Hasselbeck

Mayo Mini Williams Mayo Mini Clydesdale

Super Bowls

Mayo Super Bowl 36 Mayo Super Bowl 33

May Super Bowl 35


Mayo Sunny Jurgensen Mayo Funkmaster Flex

Wide Receiver

Mayo Wide Receiver Wilford Mayo Wide Receiver Jackson

Mayo Wide Receiver Henderson Mayo Wide Receiver Furrey

Mayo Wide Receiver Edwards Mayo Wide Receiver Curtis

Mayo Wide Receiver Berrian

Tight End

Mayo Tight End Miller Mayo Tight End Gonzalez

Running Back

Mayo Running Back Rice Mayo Running Back Rhodes

Mayo Running Back Charles Mayo Running Back Bush

Mayo Running Back Barber III


Mayo Quarterback McCown Mayo Quarterback Jackson

Mayo Quarterback Hasselbeck Mayo Quarterback Collins

Mayo Quarterback Bulger


Mayo Defensive Tackle Okoye Mayo Defensive Tackle Carriker

Mayo Defensive End Aaron Schobel Mayo Cornerback Leon Hall