2009 Upper Deck Blaster + Partial Video

I recorded what I thought would be a great video of my 2009 Upper Deck blaster but somewhere along the line my camera turned off so I only have about five minutes of the box opening...so here is a partial version of the blaster break:

2009 Upper Deck Blaster [Partial] from Matt F. on Vimeo.

Here are the scan highlights:

2 Olympians 2 National Team members that I wish I knew something about...
Some Starquest that I will collect and everyone else will hate:

Some interesting base cards:

I think I finally figured out why I like the Upper Deck design...I think it is because the cards look like they are being shown on ESPN...I don't know if you know what I mean but whenever I look at these card all I'm here is "Tonight on Sportscenter..."
I love this card because the Twins World Series runs in 1987 and 1991 made me the baseball lover that I am today...I probably have about 10 Homer Hankies boxed up somewhere at my parent's house...

If anyone is collecting this insert set I will gladly send this card out...just shoot me an email.

This one's headed to Eric S. sooner or later:

I thought I'd struck triple-relic gold but upon further inspection just the last "J" is a jersey


zman40 said…
Those aren't Olympians. They were on the under 18 national team. I haven't pulled any Olympians yet (besides Dexter Fowler, but it's a Rockies card, not a USA card). I'm not even sure if they are even in there.
Matt Flaten said…
Thanks zman for the clarification. I'll adjust it on the post.