February 1, 2009

17 Years Ago Were We All Sitting Around Eagerly Awaiting The Release of 1992 Topps?

I gave 1992 Pinnacle some face time so why not spread the wealth around for 1992 Topps...As I was looking through my commons, these caught my eye:

Who knew Jesse Barfield was so ripped? This is just a great looking card...plus being reminded that you are a "Winner" by the card always helps a person's self esteem.

Follow the ball from Paul Abbott to Steve Sax...

I made fun a Hal Morris card here so here is a great one.

Oh no, Gary Cooper [Gary Cooper?] is escaping the bonds of baseball card physics and escaping the card!

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dayf said...

We may not have been waiting for 1002 Topps, but we were all going nutzo over 1992 Donruss and the Diamond Kings inserts.