17 Years Ago Were We All Sitting Around Eagerly Awaiting The Release of 1992 Topps?

I gave 1992 Pinnacle some face time so why not spread the wealth around for 1992 Topps...As I was looking through my commons, these caught my eye:

Who knew Jesse Barfield was so ripped? This is just a great looking card...plus being reminded that you are a "Winner" by the card always helps a person's self esteem.

Follow the ball from Paul Abbott to Steve Sax...

I made fun a Hal Morris card here so here is a great one.

Oh no, Gary Cooper [Gary Cooper?] is escaping the bonds of baseball card physics and escaping the card!


dayf said…
We may not have been waiting for 1002 Topps, but we were all going nutzo over 1992 Donruss and the Diamond Kings inserts.