This One's For Dayf

As I've been going through this experiment in marathon blogging, Dayf's been there leaving comments like crazy and it's helped a lot during the dark periods [I joke].

So Dayf, you have a tough decision to make. You can have what's behind Door #1 or what's behind Door #2.

Behind Door #1: a blue bordered on-card certified autograph from the 2008 Bowman set number 272/500 of a pitcher who has not pitched an inning in a major league game yet...but might be the next Nolan Ryan, Dwight Gooden, or Barry never know.

Behind Door #2: 16 cards from a variety of series all numbered [except one blue bordered refractor that isn't numbered]...most are either blue or green bordered....and some are numbered as low as 25 [easy boy...don't get too crazy]

So the choice is yours...quantity or quality...what Dayf doesn't select will be our next contest.

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dayf said…

I'll take the box! I'll take the box!


Pitcher prospect auto, or a big pile 'o stuff...

Ya know what, you had me at blue refractor. I'll take Door #2, Monty!
Ryan Cracknell said…
Blue and green bordered - could it be the elusive 1991 Donruss coming out of hibernation? Series One and Series Two both at the same time? Kabloyee, indeed.

[Note: I have no idea what 'kabloyee' means. But it sounds dignified.]