There's Always Room For Pie

This is my400th post and I would like to announce a new focus of my collecting: Felix Pie.

The reason is obvious isn't it?...There always room for pie...or Felix Pie for that matter. [Please don't leave comments that it's pronounced will always be Pie in my book].

Felix was shipped from the Cubs to the Orioles a few weeks ago and I hope he has better luck in left field in Baltimore than the platooning he was doing in Chicago.


gritz76 said…
I've seen him play in the minors and the bigs. If he gets a chance to play every day and learn from some mistakes he makes he has the potential of being pretty damn good. I'll go through my stuff, I'm sure I have a lot of extra Pie lying around here.
Anonymous said…
Hey there, check out for some comments on the O's and baseball cards. I'm a huge O's fan and welcome the addition of Pie's potential. I'll add a link for you; can you return the favor?
Matt Flaten said…

If you'd like to do a trade just send me an email at


Matt F.
Matt Flaten said…

I'll add your link to my blog list and thanks for adding mine.

Matt F.