So What's Going To Happen to Richie Sexson?

He was released from the Yankees in August and I haven't heard a thing about him since? Is this the end of Richie Sexson?

Here's a little Mariners video from when Richie was Seattle's golden boy:

Cards courtesy of reader Eric S.

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stusigpi said…
Richie with the Brew Crew was awesome, then he sucked it up bad with the Mariners. I get every game in HD and I think he looks even worse because his sucktitude was not blurry at all. It was crisp and sharp.

I think he might be a Feb/march pickup for a team that gets hit with injuries.
dayf said…
What happened to him? He was so good in Milwaukee. Did he get hurt or just catch Andruw Jones disease? It's not a good time to be a second-tier slugging first baseman, even Adam Dunn is having problems finding a job right now.
night owl said…
Sexson had some attitude issues with the Mariners if I remember correctly. Bordered on insubordination, that type of thing. Or maybe McLaren was a jerk. I don't know. Seattle is so far away.
beardy said…
I saw something recently about the Orioles showing interest in Sexson. I really hope not, the O's have been through enough in the last 5 years w/ Sosa & Millar.