Show & Tell #1 : Trade With Chuck Z.

In honor of Night Owl's point that we baseball card bloggers are engaged in a grown-up version to Show and Tell, I've decided to change the title of my trade posts from "Mail Call" to "Show & Tell."

Here's the first entry which is a trade with Chuck's Used Cards...I sent him some soccer cards and he sent me a mix of Royals and some of the other groups I collect including some Jamie Moyer and horseshoe mustaches.

Some highlights:

This awesome card pulls the facial hair trifecta...horseshoe, handlebar, and soup strainer:

Three's a crowd:

1981 Topps:

Some Ranger's era Jamie Moyer:


night owl said…
Your new title is a "homage," right? Because otherwise you'd be ripping me off. ;)

Actually, I'm honored.
Matt Flaten said…
No, night owl, this is strictly copying!

By the way, have you ever read the graphic novel Watchmen? One of the main characters is Nite Owl...

Someday you will have to do a post on the subtle difference between a Night Game and a Nite Game.
night owl said…
Yeah, I know the Watchmen and Nite Owl. But never got into it that much. I think a movie's coming out this year, right?

His gal, Laurie Juspeczyk, is hot in that toon kind of way.
Matt Flaten said…
Yeah, that's right...I think it is out in March.