Quickie Contest: Jered Weaver Edition

UPDATE: You guys didn't have a chance...Reader Greg P. was lightening fast and wrote in that Jered shares the record of most consecutive wins to begin a career [9 wins in a row] with Yankees legend Whitey Ford. Congratulations Greg!

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Jered holds an American League record with a famous Yankee...what is the record and who is the Yankee?

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beardy said…
won 9 consecutive starts, tied with Whitey Ford who did it in 1950.
Matt Flaten said…
Congrats Greg! That was fast! Please send me your contact information to heartbreakingcards@gmail.com
dayf said…
You weren't kidding about quickie... You snuck that one in while I was watching the MLB network.
beardy said…
Sweet! I sent my address to your email.

Sorry dayf, I had just finished watching MLB network when I entered. Go figure.