A Quickie Contest: Cuban Style

UPDATE: We have a winner, David got the correct answer...the top three Cuban-born homerun hitters are:

1. Rafael Palmeiro [569 homers]
2. Jose Canseco [462 homers]
3. Tony Perez [379 homers]

So who wants a jersey card of the Angels starting 1st baseman [allegedly] next season?

If you do, be the first to answer this riddle correctly in the comments section.

Mr. Morales defected to the United States from Cuba in 2004. Name the top three homerun hitting Cuban-born players in the Major Leagues?

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Unknown said…
If the question is all-time HRs, I think the answer is 1) Rafael Palmiero, 2) Jose Canseco, 3) Tony Perez
dayf said…
Dang, Dave's too quick for me. I had a shot this time though!
Matt Flaten said…
Congrats David...you got it right. Please send me your contact information to heartbreakingcards@gmail.com