Odds & Ends

Tommy only pitched 11 games for the A's before heading back to the Yankees for the final four years of his 26 year career.

Michael's giving us all the stink eye...maybe because he's with the Mets now...this one's numbered 211/275.

Night Owl loves these blue borders
...it is #66 on his 100 Things Learned in 2008.

Fifty for 2009 Stats
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dayf said…
Thorzul would like that Tommy John card...

You got to like the Topps shiny. I don't understand why in the past couple of years they've put refractors in every pack of Chrome and make is easier to pull a jersey ot auto than a refractor in Bowman. I swear Topps is purposely trying ruin Bowman.

My verification word is wakers! I turned on the hockey game so I'm not as sleepy now.