More Topps Redemption Trouble

The continuing saga in trying to get my Topps Red Hot Rookie #12 took a turn for the worse this weekend. I received this email today from Topps...well at least I think it is from has that sort of weird feeling a Nigerian spam email elaborate explanation of a problem and why I need to call a least they didn't ask for my bank account information.

"Online Redemption Change of Address

Due to a temporary glitch in our new redemption system, any codes placed within the redemption system before November 6th, 2008 will retain the original address submitted despite any alterations made to the address online after November 6th. If you have submitted codes before November 6th AND altered your address in the system after November 6th, you will need to contact consumer relations to change your address manually.

Any address changes submitted online after November 6th, 2008 will appropriately update any of your current or future redemptions, and calling consumer relations will be unecessary. Any redemptions mailed directly to Topps will continue to require a manual change of address request by phone or email.

If you require a manual address alteration to your account, please call our customer service number at 1800 489 9149 from 8:30am to 4:30pm EST or send an email to We will verify your mailing address for your outstanding redemptions and make manual changes to any incorrect information that may exist in our database."