I'd Collect That

I've never been a fan of movie-based card sets since the Return of the Jedi cards of the 80's...but one set I would buy would be a set based on the new Sherlock Holmes movie, staring Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes, that is coming this November.

I'm thinking a nice Allen & Ginter/Mayo set with some nice cut signatures of Sir Arthur Cnan Doyle, Jeremy Brett, Basil Rathbone, and Nigel Bruce. Sign me up.

The New York Times article about the film goes out of the way to mention that it's going to be different...a little like Batman Begins...more gritty than the 1940's films. Yet the article ends with this frightening quote:

"Another question, since the movie is meant for a family audience — or as Mr. Ritchie put it, is “deliberately designed so I can watch it with my family and friends without any embarrassment.”


No, Mr. Wigram said, speaking of Holmes. “He doesn’t do cocaine in our movie.”"

This is possibly a bad sign for fans hoping for "a true to the Conan Doyle version" of Sherlock Holmes. I'm afraid the film will pick and choose the characteristics Holmes should have rather than sticking with the original stories. A great example of this is in Holmes most famous phrase, "Elementary My Dear Watson." Holmes never actually says this line in any of the novels/short stories yet because of the popular movies of the 30's and 40's it has entered the cultural consciousness as the central Holmes quote. If they uses it in the movie, I will lose my shit.

Let me stop here otherwise I will surpasses the legal amount of nerd whining allowed in a single blog post.


dayf said…
What what WHAT?

Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes?!

Holy crap, I have something to look forward to after Watchmen!

Even better maybe some cable channel will start running the Jeremy Brett episodes again!