I Need Your Help

This is a little weekend project I've been thinking about for a while now and I turn to you, Dear Reader, for a little help. I bought this 1971 Billy Martin graded card a little while ago for dirt cheap:

As you can see, it's graded a "7"...a rating like that is okay, but not too great...the card is also sort of disrupting my 1971 Topps set organization and so that plastic case has got to go.

So here's what I'm going to try to do...get the card out
of the plastic slab without destroying it. I'm going to film the experiment this weekend but before that does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?


Wax Heaven said…
I broke the slab of a certain 1997 Bowman Kerry Wood. Umm....I guess all I really did was break the top part with my hand and slowly made my way to remove the rest.

Card is in tip top condition, BTW.
Matt Flaten said…
Wow, that's cool that you did that with the Wood card...I'm glad it made it out okay!
Dave said…
I've broken a few PSA slabs with a pair of pliers. The key is to crack the top part of the slab and then slowly remove small pieces of plastic until you have enough room to slide the card out. I've never damaged one that way.
Laurens said…
I would go to the PSA Message Boards if the link doesn't work:

Laurens said…
Cracking slabs


Better yet ... send it to me. I'll send you my holder free version of Billy.

Its a PSA 11 if I ever saw one !

Good luck Matt
Flash said…
Dremel the top part off?
MMayes said…
Channel your inner Jack Bauer (from season 2) and announce:

"I'm going to need a hacksaw."