January 1, 2009

Here's What Dayf Passed On: Another Quickie Contest

UPDATE: Ryan from Trader's Crack gets this blue border beauty...he knew that Mario begins writing for the Miami Examiner.com and his first story should be out on Monday, 1/5.

This was behind Door #1: a Chris Seddon Blue Refractor On-card Auto numbered 272/500. If you would like this card, just be the first to leave the correct answer in the comments section.

As we probably all know, Mario from Wax Heaven's favorite team is the Marlins. Recently Mario announced that he is going to have a new gig at an online paper. Tell me the name of the organization he will write for and when we should look for his first story [specific date please].

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Ryan Cracknell said...

He will be the Marlins Examiner for Examiner.com. His first story was posted yesterday at 5:46 PM. The next piece will be Monday.

Flash said...

the examiner February 5th, 2009

Flash said...

i epic fail, it's way past my bedtime

Captain Canuck said...

first story monday jan 5

Ryan Cracknell said...

January 5th is the date Monday if you want a super exact date.

Matt F. said...

Ryan from Trader's Crack gets this one! Congrats Ryan.

dayf said...

LOL! I have that dude's autograph already! On an orange bordered card!