Heartbreaking Packs: Proline Portraits

I throw around the term "heartbreaking" a lot I know, but I had such high hopes for this pack. I had no idea what would be waiting for me inside but I wasn't expecting shots of football players modeling NFL licensed clothing.

#107 Keith Byars

#92 Michael Dean Perry

#300 Paul Farren

#267 John Riggins

How the mighty have fallen.

#192 William Perry

The Fridge's Zubaz are the only saving grace of this pack.

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dayf said…
The Fridge wearing Zubaz is either awesome of horrifying. Or both.
night owl said…
Those are some terrible cards. Isn't the guy in the headdress Joe Gibbs? (that's the only card I'd keep out of the ones you showed).
Matt Flaten said…
Under that headdress is legendary Hall of Famer John Riggins. It's sad really.
stusigpi said…
Michael Dean Perry showing off the "total package".

I didn't know that Zubaz could be tight on anybody. Looks like the fridge answered that question for me.