Finish Up My Prospecting Adventure

About two weeks ago I wrote about my prospecting adventure with Donruss Elite Extra Edition. Well, I've finally gotten around to posting the results of the blaster of 2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects that I purchased at the same time. I know next to nothing about these prospects and I barely recognize any of the names. I imagine that this will change over the next season but for this post I am choosing cards randomly.

I didn't get anything special in this blaster other than an unnumbered refractor.

Each pack has two Chrome are four random ones:

Each pack also has one gold are three of them:

Some base cards:

And last but not least the 1st Bowman Card set:

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tastelikedirt said…
Taylor Teagarden was a stud when he came up in September.

Petit was nothin' special when he played with the A's late in the year.
dayf said…
If you got a refractor you did good. I think I bought five blasters of this last year and I got two refractors out of them. As for the prospects, Teagarden could be Texas' full time catcher this year, I've pulled about 20 cards of Hoffpauer for some reason and Edgar Gonzales is Adrian's older brother. Yes, older.