Eating Cards

I remember Dinged Corners and dayf writing about the phenomenon of a card collector's car "eating" a pack or blaster of cards...but I always thought "it'll never happen to me"...I didn't need to worry about those sort of things...

The worst part of having your cards eaten is that you don't even know about it until you find the "remains" days, weeks, or months later.

As I remember, I bought this card in September at one of the card shops in the time I got home it was dark and I specifically remember dropping my bag of stuff in the back seat of my car. I bought a bunch of older singles that day and so when this one didn't make it back into the bag I didn't notice. And there it sat until earlier this week when I reached for my window scrapper and noticed something under the passenger seat. Thankfully the card escaped any effects of the winter weather and just sort of chilled in the Ford Contour for a few months.


Dinged Corners said…
were you happy to find it? miffed at yourself for misplacing it? both?
Matt F. said…
It was a pleasant finding a $5.00 bill in your jacket pocket.

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