Cards From Field Of Dreams

Before I headed to Minnesota for the Christmas holiday I asked for some suggestions about what the best hobby shops were in the area. One shop I was told to avoid was Field of Dreams in the Mall Of America. Of course all the negative press made me curious about the store..after visiting I understand what the complaints were about...the store is mainly an autographed collectibles store and cards are sort of a side project. The boxes and single packs were way over priced but they did have some loose singles for sale and I picked up a few of them:

1970 Topps Red Shoendienst

A 2nd year Kent Hrbek card...

Three political cards from the 2006 Allen & Ginter set:

Brandon Jackson rookie...although he's a backup, someday he will get his chance...

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dayf said…
There were vintage singles at a Field of Dreams?? the only cards the ones down here ever had were little plastic boxes full of commons for 5 to 10 bucks a throw.