The Baseball Enquirer

A little while ago I opened a 15 pack repackage and I held back the 15th pack because it deserved its own post...well here is that pack and here is that post...May I present The Baseball Enquirer which is sort of a Mad magazine/National Enquirer card game.

You are given a drawing of a player and through the drawing and the interview on the back of the card you are supposed to be able to figure out who the player is. As these cards were made in 1992 some of the stars of the time have faded into obscurity and so some of these cards are pretty difficult to figure out.

Any guesses?

The saving grace of this pack is the last two of Robin Yount and one of Rickey Henderson.

Brad from Rickey Henderson Collectibles...if you need this Rickey card I'll send it along.

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dayf said…
Jack McDowell
Don't know
Roger Clemens
Tommy Lasorda
Andres Galarraga
Don't know
Don't know.

Halfway home buddy! Don't run another contest until I'm awake from my nap!
ManOfSteal said…
Matt, Thanks for thinking of me, but I do have that Rickey already. It definitely is a "fun" card!