Baggie Cards #1: John Smoltz Edition

Sometime last year my Dad came upon a display of "repackaged" [and I use that term loosely] baseball cards for a great deal and he swooped them up. He gave them to me for Christmas and they have affectionately become known as "The Baggie Cards." I will be opening these one by one and showing the highlights.

Baggie #1: John Smoltz Edition

First up, a numbered John Smoltz Red Refractor...numbered 294/'s the best repackage I've ever had thus far...

Two Topps Finest that are just begging to have their protective coating removed:

Dayf is working on a Mark Lemke Master Set in you need this one Dayf?

A nice horseshoe mustache:

I wish Barry the best of luck next year...I seem to pull more Zitos than I statistically should.

Eric S: Do you need this one?

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dayf said…
I got plenty of Lemmer rookies, but thanks for looking out for me.. I'm not 100% decided about the Lemke thing, but I'm leaning in that direction.

Baggie repacks are better than the real thing!