Another Quickie Contest & A Fifty For 2009 Update

UPDATE: We have a winner...I joked about it in the post and wouldn't you know it Night Owl won! He figured out that Hank Greenberg was born on January 1st and his connection to Magglio is that they are both Detroit Tigers.

Okay, so I have blown past the 1/3 mark of my challenge to write 50 posts before the end of the day on January 1st and I've got my eyes set at the 50% mark...For those of you catching up now, you've got a lot a reading to do...start here.

Time for a quickie contest for all the night owl readers out there...and Night Owl...if you would like this Magglio Ordonez Game Jersey from 2008 Upper Deck Series 1, be the first to answer this riddle in the comments section.

Two Hall of Famers have birthdays on January 1st. One of them has a clear relationship to Magglio and this card. Tell me who the Hall of Famer is and what's the connection?

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night owl said…
Hank Greenberg was born on January 1 and he was a Tiger, just like Magglio is.

Phew, I'm beat. I hope that's right.
Matt Flaten said…
You got it Night Owl! Congrats!
dayf said…
I hope I didn't miss out on a third contest while I was catching up on the first 17 posts...