Alternate Cover

I was at home in Wisconsin this Christmas just killing some time with my fiance and I suggested we stop by Crossroads Books, one of the few independent book stores in the area. I looked around the shop a couple times and came up empty...then I turned a corner and saw the most wonderful book ever, The Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading and Bubble Gum Book.

I had not heard of the book before and then all of a sudden it was everywhere I turned...Dinged Corners wrote about it not once but twice and it was on the list of the favorite books of us card bloggers. I agree with everything DC has written about the book so I won't repeat my glowing comments but do let me add to the mythology of the book a little is the cover of my book [it is the hard cover version] which seems to be an alternate 3rd version:

I particularly enjoy this shot of the authors:


dayf said…

I have twqo copies but weirdly they've both gone missing. I'll dig 'em up eventually.
Anonymous said…
I've gone by that bookstore several times but never when it was open (I had time to kill when I was at No Brand Con, between the end of regular programming and when the masquerade started) and had no idea exactly what sort of used bookstore it was. Mmm, military history. Thanks for blogging about it!
Dinged Corners said…
We've never seen that edition, or the authors' pic. Reeeally excellent.