1999 Skybox Premium

Skybox Premium Box

Skybox Premium Pack

This is the first box of cards I've bought in a long, long, long time. I've been living off blasters and repackages and I was pleasantly surprised by this little number. According to the box, I'm not guaranteed any hits but as luck would have it, I did pull one autograph:

Matt Lawton of the Twins.

Skybox Matt Lawton Auto

Here are the inserts I pulled:

Soul of the Game:

Skybox Soul of the Game Mark McGwire

Live Bats:

Skybox Live Bats Mark McGwire Skybox Live Bats Ken Griffey Jr.

I'm not so sure about an insert set subset called "Spring Fling."

Skybox Spring Fling Greg Maddux Skybox Spring Fling Vlad Guerrero

Skybox Spring Fling Alex Rodriguez Skybox Spring Fling Barry Bonds

Skybox Spring Fling Kerry Wood Skybox Spring Fling Ben Grieve

Skybox Spring Fling Nomar Garciaparra

Base Cards:

Skybox Manny Ramirez Skybox Craig Biggio

Skybox Chipper Jones Skybox Rickey Henderson

Skybox Ken Griffey Jr. Skybox Alex Rodriguez

Brad is from my home town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin was kicked some serious ass during the 1997 season. A 20-10 record and third place in the Cy Young voting.

Skybox Brad Radke

If there is anyone out there collecting this set, I've got a bunch of base that I would be willing to part with for next to nothing.

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dayf said…
I liked Skybox basketball, but I just could never get into the baseball version. Fleer always made these extra flashy and after a few packs it got to be too much.
Chris Harris said…
Spring Fling was actually a subset, not an insert.

In addition, they made two versions of each of the "Rookie" subset cards. The commonly available version feature close-up shots; while the short-printed variations have an action shot.