Throwing Down The Gauntlet

Okay, not sure how to start this...I have the next day and a half off from work, I don't have anywhere I need to go, I've got a bunch of junk packs to open, and a burning desire to blog...All that being said, I'm going to try to set a "record" for card blog over these next 36 hours that could stand for say...days.

I am going to try to write 50 posts by the end of New Year's Day...I'll call it 50 for 2009. And I promise not to cheat by just posting a card scan. There will be quickie contests along the way too so please check back often.

And away we go:

Fifty for 2009 Stats

Post #1 of 50
Percent complete: 2%


night owl said…
Wow. I have this day and the next off, too, and I was trying to figure out how to write 3 posts in that span. You're an ambitious man.
dayf said…


Good luck! Red Bull helps me out when I do crazy stuff like this.