Striped Pants

After I buying a card on eBay a while ago the seller asked if I wanted to join his email list. I said sure and each week he sends out a list of cards he is going to list on eBay shortly and we sort of get a "first look" at what's available.

Usually I delete it pretty quickly but this past week's list had a card that jumped out at me...a Hoyt Wilhelm jersey card. Wilhelm jersey's aren't exactly super rare [he did pitch in 1,070 games] but I don't see them in shops or on eBay that often. The seller listed the card at $4.00 so I snapped it up right away.

Here's the card I received and I couldn't be happier.

First off, it's a piece of game-worn pants rather than jersey, which is awesome in my book. Second, it's a New York Giants-era jersey [Wilhelm pitched for them between 1952-1956] and I love it when you can tell the age on the swatch. Third, that pants piece has a nice little stripe in it. Sure, it's not this card but for me it's just about perfect.