See The Impossible on Topps TV

You know, I don't really read any card boards so maybe this has been brought up in other places but the latest Topps TV episode brings up some serious problems...The big hit of the video, the one-per-case Letterman booklet was of Joseph Addai and, of course, it mysteriously goes to a person wearing an Indianapolis Colts jersey.

How does this happen?

This is the classic problem that a blogger journalist has...I write in my spare time, I can't get to the bottom of whether Topps supplied a case with an Addai booklet knowing that a Colts fans were going to be at the Rip Party. All I can do is say, this doesn't resemble any experience I've ever had with Topps products.

And finally, don't the soldiers who serve and protect this country deserve ON CARD AUTOGRAPHS!?!


night owl said…
I saw this video on another blog. These people in this video make me sad.