Quick Question

Yesterday I added a music playlist to the side not really realizing that I was turning Heartbreaking Cards into a MySpace page. I am curious what you guys feel about it:


Fifty for 2009 Stats
Post #4 of 50
Percent complete: 8%


dayf said…
I was about to ask you about this... I've seen this on a couple of other blogs and am intrigued by it. Is this a blogger gadget or a third party app?

As far as if I like it... well I'm a habitual "open 40 tabs in Firefox" guy and I've noticed that when my system is already taxed it makes things run more slowly. It's cool though, you've got a nice playlist.
Matt Flaten said…
Not sure if you mean the poll or the playlist...both are third party...the poll thorugh polldaddy.com and the playlist through...wait for it...playlist.com
dayf said…
Yeah, I meant the playlist. I might have to lookinto that, it seems nifty.