Political Cards From Eric S.

Say what you will about Martin Van Buren it is clear that he married up.

We definitely need more women named Lou.

Another one off my needs list:

This is the first card I've received from this insert set...not sure how I feel about them...

For the novice political junky, the Geneva Summit brought together Ike, English Prime Minister Anthony Eden, Russian Premier Nikolai A. Bulganin, and France Prime Minister Edgar Faure in 1955. It was the first meeting of its kind to bring the four leaders together after the beginning of the Cold War. Although the Summit didn't accomplish anything concrete, it was crucial in setting the stage for future meetings.

Although I've opened a ton of Masterpieces I've never pulled either of these cards...the Kennedy card is a little odd looking to me...on the other hand I keep looking at everyone but Nixon on his card...