Needs List: Upper Deck Football Masterpieces 2008

I am happy to add my first football set to my needs list, Upper Deck Masterpieces Football 2008.

Updated: 12-7-10

Here is what I'm looking for:

18, 62, 67, 86,

92 (SP), 93(SP), 96(SP), 97(SP), 99(SP)

102(SP), 103(SP), 104(SP), 105(SP), 106(SP), 107(SP), 109(SP), 110(SP)


Unknown said…
I have a couple of the cards you need on your list.
Unknown said…
Hey man i have a couple of the cards your looking for in the 2008 upperdeck masterpieces card sets.hit me up
Matt Flaten said…
A trade sounds good. What have you got from the want list and what are you looking for?
Slette said…
I just recently got into Masterpieces football, and bought a few blasters. Thanks to crappy collation, I have a ton of holes I need filled (oh, that didn't sound good) and a bunch of doubles too. I'll see if I have anything for you, and will set them aside for your next mailing. If you still have it to trade, I'd be interested in trading for #63.

I'm getting a couple boxes of A&G this week, and any Royals, M's and political cards will be put aside for you as well.
Matt Flaten said…
No problem Eric...I'll add #63 to my pile for you.
Slette said…
Can you mail me your address again? I moved a couple weeks ago, and my list of addresses is on my computer, waiting to be hooked up. eslette AT msbcollege DOT edu.

Thanks bud

I got a couple more Masterpieces for your pile, as well as some A&G. Am I safe in guessing you'll want the World Leaders cards from this set?