My Best Of 2008: Best Sandwich/Burger

This category is an easy one. The best Sandwich/Burger I had in 2008 was called a Honey Wasabi Turkey Burger from the Ingredient restaurant in downtown Lawrence. This burger was explosive and quite a pleasant surprise the first time I ate at Ingredient.

The sandwich is described as "fresh seasoned ground turkey, provolone cheese, crisp lettuce, roma tomato with spicy sriracha aioli."

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dayf said…
The best hamburger I have ever had in my life is the Blue Shroom Burger from The Vortex in Atlanta. Get one of those with a side of tater tots and a beer and just kick back and look at the boobies on the wall/ceiling. God I love that place.

Holy Crap, Rachael Ray ate at that joint!
Anonymous said…
Best fast food hamburger? Well, I'm a left-coaster, so the default answer is of course In-N-Out.

In L.A., and most of southern California for that matter, little hamburger stands are plentiful -- and since most of all of them purchase from the same foodservice distributor, there's an oddly constant taste to most of these non-related stands. And that taste is darn good. Too bad I don't get anything like that all where I live now.

But the best? Hard to narrow it down to just one. Haven't had one THAT good that it rises above the rest.
Sooz said…
I went to LA for five days and hit In and out burger three times.

It's so good.