My Best Of 2008: Best Deal From A Card Show

This is the first in what will be a several part series that will cover all my favorite "Best Of" categories for 2008...the first being my Best Deal From A Card Show.

Although I'm a Packer fan, I couldn't pass up this purple and gold beauty. This is Alan's fourth year card from the Topps 1970 Football set and set me back $2.00 at a card show in Shoreline, Washington. My love of this card, and Alan in general, is that he is the personification of my two of my favorite things, football and politics. Many of you may not know that along with being a member of the NFL Hall of Fame, Mr. Page also sits on the Minnesota Supreme Court.

The card does have what seems to be some tape residue on either side but the thing that I really love about this card is the bright almost-neon orange back. The scan doesn't really do the card could wear this card dear hunting!

Next Time on My Best of 2008: Best Sandwich


deal said…
As A Vikings fan - I am very happy that a Packer fan can see the joy in a Page card. I was at a card shop y-day and plucked a Page card in a Bears Uni out of a dime bin.

Nice pick up. I really like the 1970 Football cards. They were the first football cards I ever saw when I was a kid that I thought were old. This was probably in 1975.