My Best of 2008: Best Day

2008 was a pretty great year for me, so this category was a a little tough.

Here are my top contenders:

April 25th: my 29th Birthday [my last before hitting 30th and the official beginning of the downward spiral...]

June 13th: I graduated from the University of Washington with my master's degree in Health Care Administration...if only that meant that a great job would soon follow.

September 7th: My first post on Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius. I can't express the amount of fun and camaraderie I felt from writing this blog over the past four months.

December 12th: My first paycheck from my new job! What a lovely feeling that day was.

But without a doubt my best day was July 25th: That was the day that my fiance Laura returned from Latvia after spending a year there on a Fulbright Scholarship.


Scott C. said…
Man turning 30 does indeed start the downward spiral. I'm not 32 and there are mornings when I wake up and just have random pains. Never happened before i turned 30.